Alan Regala is a product development and business consulting specialist. He helps solve his clients’ technical and creative problems drawing from his experience as founder of a consumer products company (Everyday Innovations) and owner and designer of home improvement products (ShelfGenie). He helps those starting out or trying to forge their way in product design, development and the businesses related to both.

“You have a great idea and want to get from point A to B. My goal is to make sure that path is as straight and short as possible, and to deliver an exceptional return on your investment - making money, saving money & saving time.”

Alan’s background in design and engineering from Stanford University (M.S., Mechanical Engineering) and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (B.S., Mechanical Engineering) and sound business skills provide a solid framework from which he consults with professionals in a variety of established enterprises as well as those just starting out. He specializes in working with people who have innovative product ideas by providing the technical and business savvy required to move their projects forward.