"There is no way to improve the photo he took of me! I look like Clark Gable, Prince William, Omar Shariff and Cary Grant combined!!"

-- Charles S. Burdell, Judicial Dispute Resolution LLC


"This is the best picture that's ever been taken of me."

-- Jack Soltys, Cozen O'Connor LLP
 "Dear Amy: We are extremely pleased with the photos and even more impressed with Jeff. His demeanor and attitude with handling the entire situation was fun, yet very professional. He managed to make even Mr. Hallett smile! What a terrific recommendation - thank you!"

--Connie Tang, Chicoine & Hallett LLP


"Jeff, it was really great working with you. Your photographs are fantastic and the experience one of a kind. Thank you again."

--Joshua Brower, Veris Law Group

"Just posted them to our website and they are fabulous.  They make our old photos look dingy and dark in comparison.  We truly appreciate your excellent work.  Thanks again, Jeff."
--Linda Jacobs, Pacifica Law Group 

"I have gone through a few of the proofs and all I have to say is these are amazing. Everyone looks really terrific and our website is going to be awesome."
 --Wendy Cochran, Pfau Cochran Vertetis Amala

Everyone I've shown the photos to has been EXTREMELY impressed. Nice work! Thank you again."

 --Victoria Heindel, Harper Hayes PLLC

"Jeff –
You are a very big part of this amazing team – the picture of Caleb and Betsy is so well captured.
Thank you for working with us.

--Deb Lovelett, Skellenger Bender


"Thanks for the great photo Jeff. As someone who is in the group of people (hypercritical) who hate having their picture taken I was dreading the day when I would need a professional headshot. Resigned to the fact that my selfies were not going to yield the results I wanted I started my search. Typing in "Seattle headshots" I found a number of photographer websites. Your site jumped out at me since it proclaimed to be "Seattle's best headshots". Naturally with a name like that I had to look. I was surprised to find relaxed, happy, smiling faces. Being a bit over analytical I had to complete my exhaustive search before deciding. I looked at a dozen or so sites, and while the shots were perfect technically, none of the subjects seemed to be as "natural" looking as those on your site. So back I went. I am so glad I did. While I still struggled with my discomfort at being photographed you made it fun. Your calm, relaxed, happy, confident energy somehow transmitted itself into the process. As you know, I wasn't even feeling at my best that day but even so I am really happy with my photos! I look like the real me and not like I had to pose for a headshot so thanks again."

--Kim Shine

"I had a great time getting my headshot taken, which is not something I would ordinarily enjoy! Thank you for making me laugh, putting a genuine smile into the final product. Most of all, thank you for the excellent photo!"

--Dominique Scalia, Garvey Schubert Barer